Here Lies Jack Burton

(written June 1, 2015)

According to sources from Variety, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in negotiations to star in a Big Trouble in Little China remake. According to Variety, Johnson wouldn’t just star in the film but would be one of the producers along with Dany and Hiram Garcia as part of their 7 Bucks Entertainment production company. Though it is still early, and they haven’t reported what Johnson’s role would be in the film beyond staring in it, one can only assume that if you are going to sign a star of his stature to a film without any other established names attached that more likely than not he will be the main star.

     I am sorry, but if this news is true, that Johnson is to star in a remake, I really hope that it will not be as Jack Burton, the role played so superbly in the original by Kurt Russell. As a friend of mine put it so perfectly, Jack is a “normal guy” and he gets very lucky. I am sorry but when I see “The Rock” I see a man who can capably play comedy, but I do not see an everyman whose hair would personify business in the front, party in the back. I can only say one thing even though it is still way too early to speculate on Johnson’s role in the film, if he does sign on for Big Trouble and he is cast as Jack, the only thing I will be able to say is R.I.P., Jack Burton.

Now do not get me wrong. I can envision a place for Johnson in a Big Trouble remake. I personally think he would do well as one of the three storms, especially as the muscular one that puffs up and explodes upon seeing his master Lo Pan’s dead body. Though I am not truly a huge fan of his, I do believe that Shia LaBeouf could best play Jack Burton as that everyman character who is in over his head. LaBeouf has played a form of this character already in not only his roles in the Transformers series but also in his turn as the son of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Other people I would not mind seeing cast, if they do go ahead with a Big Trouble remake would be:

Jennifer Lawrence or Ellen Page as Gracie Law
Possibly Brian Tee as Wang Chi
BD Wong as Lo Pan
Jackie Chan as Egg Shen
Sung Kang as Eddie


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