TSU’s Carver Purcell passes away at 73.

The Texas State Fightin’ Armadillos family are sadden to announce the passing of former President Carver Purcell earlier today from a recurrence of Lymphoma. President Purcell hired Ed “Straight Arrow” Gennero to oversee the building of a new football program from the University’s student body after the program was stripped of its 3 National Championships and all of its scholarships, following a commission in 1991 found them guilty of recruiting violations, steroid abuse, illegal payments to players and grade tampering.

Fred Dalton Thompson
Born on 19 August 1942, Sheffield, Alabama, USA
Died on 1 November 2015, Nashville, Tennessee, USA (cancer)

Fred Dalton Thompson represented Tennessee in the U. S. Senate from 2 December 1994 – 3 January 2003. And early in his career he was a lawyer and lobbyist. But before and after his time in the Senate he was an actor. Best known for his role as District Attorney Arthur Branch on Law and Order he would go on to become one of only four actors whose character also became a regular on another Law and Order series, when he became a regular on Law and Order: Trial by Jury. He was also a recurring character on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Other notable rolls included the previously mentioned Carver Purcell in the football comedy Necessary Roughness. The head of either NASCAR or Daytona Motor Speedway, Big John in Days of Thunder. Admiral Painter in The Hunt for Red October and the role of Trudeau in Die Hard 2. Thompson’s credits also include a very memorable single appearance on Rosanne. In this single performance he portrays Keith Faber who replaced George Clooney’s Booker character as head of the Wellman Plant. His character’s managerial style was so aggressive that it resulted in Roseanne and many of the other female workers walking out.


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