Moon Girl A Fantastic Combination of Art and Story.

MOON GIRL Vol.1 (TPB) 2013
Red 5 Comics
Author: Johnny Zito and Tony Trov
Artist: Rahzzah

Red 5’s Moon Girl Vol. I is a collection of the first five Moon Girl issues released in 2012.  Moon Girl was originally created in the late 40s in EC Comics appearing in only seven issues.  Since then the character has fallen into Public Domain and nearly fallen completely out of the public’s consciousness.  That is until Johnny Zito, Tony Trov and Razzah dusted the character off and brought her back to life.

I discovered the book while talking with the good people at Red 5 Comics at Comicpalooza back in June.  I was attracted by the artwork and fantastic bright and vibrant colors that remind me of early Technicolor movies from the 40s and 50s.  This is fitting since the story takes place in 1955, with some flashbacks to earlier times to give you the back story on some of the major players in the story.

The story is that of crime fighter Moon Girl who gets her powers from a moon rock and whose secret identity is that of Claire Lune, a nurse at Bellevue Hospital.  But unbeknownst to her friends and co-workers she is actually Kara, the only surviving member of the Russian Royal Family.  Her greatest enemy, Satana, is also her former teacher.  We start off with a fight between Moon Girl and Satana, which ends with the capture of Satana and her imprisonment at Bellevue.  While Moon Girl is busy fighting, Satana’s cohorts are trying to capture her and upon capturing her try to brainwash her to become the symbol and leader of their revolution.  During this Satana manages to escape from Bellevue.  Moon Girl must now not only battle Satana and her companions, but also herself and the mental programing installed by Satana’s helpers.

As I mentioned earlier, the artwork is quite nice, the color is marvelous and the story does a good job at trying to keep up.  I found the book very intriguing and I want to read more and see where it goes.  If I see other volumes the next time I see Red 5 at a convention I will definitely pick them up.

Story: 4/5*     Art: 5/5*     Overall 4.25/5*


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