Graduate Does A Good Job At Letting A Character Grow

Graduate #1-6 (upcoming TPB) 2015-16
Overground Comics
Written By: Jon Hughes
Drawn By: Celia Calle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be indestructible?  What would you do if you were?  Would you choose to fight crime, would you choose to be a criminal, or would you just choose to live your life normally to the best of your abilities?  This is the dilemma facing Natalie Worthy, in Overground Comics’ GraduateGraduate is a 6-issue series written by Jon Hughes and illustrated by Celia Calle.

When we first meet Natalie she is standing in the smoldering husk of the airplane that she had just been on.  The plane had been carrying what was supposed to be the next generation of superheroes.  She explains that they were the first graduating class of a school designed to train heroes, and that she was assigned there by a judge.  As the lone survivor of a mid-air attack by an unknown powered individual, Natalie is left to decide what she is going to do now.  Whether it is trying to go on and live a normal life or to become a hero and try to find the attacker.

While searching for civilization, Natalie regales us with her personal experiments of her invulnerability including the one that landed her in front of the judge that resulted in her sentencing to hero school as well as her experiences at the school.  From here on we see how she has decided to live her life and how a chance meeting with the hero America begins to make her question the direction she decided to take.  And a mysterious possible sighting of the plane’s attacker brings her to a final decision of what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

I liked this series, but from the start I was not a big fan of Celia Calle’s artwork.  In all honesty it is just not my personal preference in artistic style.  But even though I was not a fan of the art I was a fan of the story.  I was very appreciative of Mr. Hughes’s approach to the story – an approach that focuses on the character, what they are going through, and letting them develop over time instead of rushing them straight in to fighting powered super-villains.  In this case we have a teenage girl, born with the power of invulnerability, and she is not only struggling with the everyday problems that come with being a teenager, but also the pressures of people trying to force her into becoming something that she is either not ready to be or maybe not even capable of being..

Story:  4/5*       Art:  2/5*       Overall:  3.75/5*


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