Overground Comics Introduces The Herocorp Knights To The World

Herocorp Knights #1-5 (Upcoming TPB) 2015-16
Overground Comics
Written By: Jon Hughes
Drawn By: Jon Hughes #1, Brent Peeples #2-5
Assistance from: Jennifer Asher #1
Inks By: Mostafa Moussa #2-5

The Hero Corporation or as it is known HeroCorp, is one of two power players in the hero manufacturing game.  They have developed a formula that with one shot will either imbue the recipient with a special power or it will have no effect.  If there is no effect they are allowed to go on their way.  But if the recipient manifests powers they must serve out a two year contract.  Their primary competition is Zero Technologies, who provide technology to the select few applicants that make it through the application process.

Herocorps Knights which is named after Herocorp’s top flight team, begins with their board discussing the events that occurred overnight involving the majority shareholder and head of Zero Technologies (see Absent Captain #1).  After a short discussion, they discuss the possible addition of a new member to the Knights before adjourning.  After the meeting, Jeramy Allen, the head of Hero Corporation, meets with the head of the Knights, Surge about possible new members.  Despite Allen’s personal preference, Surge as leader of the Knights has the final say over who is added and chooses to pick someone else.  At the end of the first book Allen is called back to corporate headquarters due to the disappearance of a subject that they have kept in their lab under sedation for a decade.

While issue one gives us a slight peek at the inner-workings of Herocorp, issues two through four gives us a small peek at a few of the members of the Knights as well as some of the day-to-day duties of their leader Surge, and the head of Herocorp Jeramy Allen.  Other than this there does not seem to be much connecting the individual issues.  The fifth issue brings us fully back to the events at the end of the first issue.  This issue begins with the head of Herocorp announcing the suspension of their Research and Development Department as word of their holding of patients comes out when the escaped patient confronts Mr. Allen at a press conference.  The Knights do battle with the patient, who’s manifested powers gives her illusion based powers.  The patient and Mr. Allen disappear leaving many questions to be answered.

The Herocorp Knights books do not come off like most other super hero books, though they do have instances where the team has to stop a robbery or a super powered person.  The events seem to be more of a secondary importance.  The primary focus of the books appears to be the everyday behind the scenes business at Herocorp along with the introduction of the individual Knights and their interactions with each other.  This allows us to get to know the characters better.  Which is helpful as there are only five issues in the series, with the characters and story apparently being moved over and mixed in with the characters and story in Absent Captain.

When viewing this series as a whole and taking in to account that it is being used to introduce Herocorp and the Knights into the Overground Universe it does it decently, as you come to know some of the Knights and the inner workings of Herocorp.  With what is presented here the addition of the Knights and Herocorp to the Absent Captain should not cause any problems.  Now turning to the art found in the series I found it nice but slightly lacking in the beginning, but Mr. Peeples’ style did improve throughout the rest of the series.  Herocorp Knights is definitely a decent read and a definite must read for those interested in starting a foray into or those looking for a deeper understanding of HeroCorp and the powers that belong to the characters in the Overground Universe.

Story:  3.25/5*     Art:  2.75/5*     Overall:  3.15/5*



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