Red 5’s The Rift, Is An Intriguing Space Time Paradox.

The Rift #1-4 Jan-Apr. 2017 (upcoming TPB)
Red 5 Comics
Written by:  Don Handfield and Richard Rayner
Drawn by:  Leno Carvalho

So imagine that you are driving down the highway, just trying to live your life.  Then suddenly a mysterious rift appears in the sky and a World War II fighter comes out of it, crash lands and catches fire.  This is just what Mary Ann Whitaker and her son Elijah are trying to do as they are heading to California, for a new job and trying to escape an abusive relationship.  Mary Ann then rushes in and manages to pull the pilot out.  This incident changes Mary Ann’s world into one where these mysterious rifts keep appearing.

The rift, we find out from a government agency whose purpose is to deal with them, is a rip in the fabric of the universe; a hole in space time.  They occur every now and then and if they are not closed properly they go nuclear and at least two of the most famous nuclear plant accidents were in fact cover stories for previous rifts.  The current instance takes place just outside of Wichita, Kansas.  The pilot that Mary Ann saved is Lieutenant Thomas Allen Cole who was pulled through the rift while being shot down by the Japanese during WWII.  His arrival seems to have a side effect as it begins to trigger the unexpected appearance of other rifts.

All in all, The Rift is a strong effort put out by Red 5 Comics.  The story is like a skilled fisherman as it tantalizes you, getting you to bite early with the plane crash.  It then slowly begins to reel you in, and they make sure that you stay on the line by giving you a tug at just the right moments to keep you on the hook.  The art is nicely done and does a decent job of getting the characters emotions across.  The covers by Nicholas Ely are wonderful in their simplicity.  Though The Rift is listed as only a four issue series it leaves open the possibility for further issues.

Story: 3.9/5*       Art: 3.9/5*       Overall: 4/5*


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